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2019 – The 3,500 sq.ft. interior renovation gives Summerhill timeless practicality, with clean lines and a luxurious feel.


This design was an interior renovation of the existing kitchen, washrooms and living space. The main theme of the kitchen design is a simple handless solution; this was chosen for its timeless appeal.  The strategic use of under-cabinet LED lighting creates a beautiful additional layer of lighting that washes the stone with a soft warm glow, it can be very useful at night when entertaining.


The key objective for the Master bathroom was to remove the tub and create a large luxurious shower room with a greater feeling of light and openness. The color palette for the tiles was kept monochrome for its timeless appeal. The use of a small amount of Super White Quartzite was enough to lift the design and give it a more luxurious feel while keeping it within budget. The shelf below the mirror runs the full length of the wall through the shower and creates a single line of stone that leads the eye and adds to the sense of depth in the space.

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